6 amazing tips to stop carpet runners from moving

  1. 6 amazing tips to stop carpet runners from moving

In today’s modern world, most people have laminated and hardwood floors in their houses to give a lavish and elegant look.

Many of them buy carpets, rugs, and stair runners to make the high-traffic areas less slippery and safe.

anti slip rug pad

Moreover, these carpet runners reduce the noise of hardwood floors and protect them from scratches.

But isn't it even more dangerous when your rug wrinkles and bunch up instead of staying in its place? Surely, it is! 

It is quite annoying to readjust the carpets frequently or have minor slips on them, which can hurt your kids, pets, or even older adults.


Do you want to drain yourself by adjusting the carpet several times a day?  We know you don't!

So you must be looking for a way that can hold the carpet in its place without sliding, curling, or creeping.

These methods not only offer you comfort and ease, but also reduces the chance of compromising the quality of the carpets.

In this article, we are going to discuss some of the top ways to hold a carpet in its place. Let’s get started!

  1. Anti-slip Rug pad:

Whether you want to prevent your carpet runner from bunching and sliding on the floor or the carpet, Anti-slip rug pads are one of the best solutions to the problem.

These pads are made of natural rubber and felt which plays an important role in holding the carpet in its place.

Stop Carpet Runners from slipping

The carpet fibers are entangled with the felt surface of these pads as a result of which, the carpet runner has a stronger grip than before.

Moreover, these rug pads add extra cushion to your carpet offering you the utmost comfort.  

The sound absorption also increases with this additional layer and you can have a noise-free environment in your home.

One of the best features of these anti-slip rug pads is that not only do they prevent you from sliding off the carpets, but also they increase the life and durability of the carpet as well.

  1. Double-sided rug tape:

One of the most affordable and cost-friendly methods with high effectiveness, easy installation, and lower risk of damage is using double-sided rug tape.

An excellent way to prevent your carpet runners from moving is using double-sided rug tape.

You don’t have to learn some technical methods to install it;

All you have to do is just peel off the cover and place the double tape along the edges of the carpet runner.

Double faced carpet tape

This double-sided rug tab will provide adhesion to the carpet and it will stick to the floor reducing the movement and wrinkling of your carpet runner. 

One thing that you should know about this solution is that it is only a one-time solution.

If you remove the double tape from the carpet one time, then it may lose its adhesive properties so, you will have to put a new double-sided rug tape to make it stick again.

  1. Fasten the carpet runner with furniture:

If you are tired of experimenting with the short-term methods to keep your carpet runner in its place, and you want to secure its quality, then anchoring the carpet runners with the furniture will help you a lot.

It is one of the simplest solutions to this problem as you don't require anything but a little effort. 

Area rug held down with furniture

All you have to do is just anchor the carpet runner with any furniture near it, but make sure you're not hiding the aesthetics of the carpet runner.

Usually, it is suggested to connect the edges of the carpet runners under the sofas or heavy chairs so that the risk of moving is equal to none.

  1. Caulk Rugs:

Have you ever seen socks having little gripper-dots on them?

Well, these socks are made from silicone and are designed to prevent slipping.  Similarly, silicon caulking can be done in carpet runners to make them stay in their places, and keeps us from slipping on them. 

Usually, the silicone caulking is available in squeezable tubes which are later installed in a caulking gun to apply to the carpet runner.

In its application, you have to apply dots or strips in a specific pattern at the base of the carpet runner.

After the silicon is dry, you can place the carpet runner in its place. 

  1. Hot glue:

Hot glue is not as efficient as silicone caulking, but it is a good alternative solution to this problem.

You can apply the hot glue to the back of the carpet runner and stick it to the floor after it is dried. 

hot melt glue and gun

But one thing you should do before following this method is to check whether the temperature of the hot glue is damaging the quality of the carpet runner or not.

If you see the carpet fibers melting due to the high temperature of the glue, then you should skip this solution and go for another one.

  1. Gripper Tape:

Gripper tape, also known as a cushion or rig grip tape, is a 2 to 3 inches wide tapes, that keeps the carpet runners from moving unnecessarily.

This solution is best for small-sized carpet runners, or rugs measuring about 4 by 6 feet. 

You have to apply the tape to the floor and place the edges of the carpet runner on it. The best part is, that you can easily remove and reposition it whenever you want. 

Bottom Line:

Most carpet runners move in the direction you walk in as they follow the movement of your foot impact.

If the carpet runner is made from soft and long fibers, it will tend to move more as compared to others. Some say that it's the best solution to remove the carpet runners from your home, but then what about the house decor?

Well, you don't have to do this! All you need is some efficient ways to keep the carpet runner in its place.

Follow the above-mentioned techniques, and your carpet runner will surely stay in its place, reducing the risk of slipping accidents.




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