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      9 products

      9 products

      Modern Stair Runner Carpets Are the Perfect Choice for any Style of Home.

      Our Modern Stair Runners come in a variety of different materials, From  Anso Nylon to Mohawk Smartstrand 

      Here at Direct Carpet, we Offer Modern Stair Runner Carpets

      Our Carpet Runners are Sold By the Foot & Come in widths of 26 inches wide 28 inches wide 30 inches wide 32 inches wide and 34 inches wide by up to 28 Inches long,

      If You've got a cool custom size in your head, Don't be shy, we don't bite, Hit us up in chat and we can make all your dreams come true:)   

      We are Definitely Famous for our one-piece, left-turning or right-turning 90-degree Stair Runner Landings.

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