25 Best Modern Staircase Runner Ideas for 2024

25 best stair runners for 2024

Interested in a Beautiful Stair Runner for your home? Here are DirectCarpet’s top 25 stair runner design ideas & Stair Trends 2024


1. Refined Interest Stair Runner

For an interesting take on a plain colored Stair Runner This Light Gray Stair Runner Would Look Amazing in Any Home and Staircase for that Matter, Big Chunky Squares with a Nice Soft Modern Look. This is One of Our Faves!

Best-Carpet-Runner 2023

This Stair Runner comes in a few colors and is priced right and won't break the bank This Stair Runner is Winter Delta  Click Here For More Info


2. Pet Perfect Stair Runners

Is your Staircase In Need of Some Beautiful Two Toned Designer Vibed Carpet?

Well Shaw Has You Covered, This is Run Free,  One of the Most Exciting Stair Runners for 2024, This Stair Runner Comes in Many Colors to Suit Any Mood! and its Stain Proof!

stain proof stair runner for pets



3. Modern Stair Carpet Runners

Create the air of luxury, warmth and softness with a premium quality, staircase runner.

This is Exquisite Portrait One of Our Faves, Modern Sophisticated and Fun! This Color is called Corinthian Column And Will Brighten Any Home! 


This Is Hot for 2024 Modern Farmhouse Stair Runner Exquisite Portrait Corinthian Column 


4. Anderson Tuftex Marquet Carpet Runners

Introduce a Linen Look Theme to your Stairs! Soft White Herringbone Patterned Carpet Runner.

Truly Unique And Absolutely Perfect What Else Can We Say But Perfect. We Mean PERFECT! and Gorgeous and PERFECT Stair Runner

Linen look stair runner


5. Stain Proof Carpet Runners sold by the foot

Stain Proof Stair Runners are All the Rage when it Comes to Homes and Staircases with Dogs, Kids and Husbands lol, Moms Meet Natural Artistry, Natural Artistry Meet Your New Home. Super Easy to Clean! And Keep Clean.


This Staircase Carpet Runner is called Natural Artistry Smoke Screen click here for more info


6. Herringbone Stair Runners

Herringbone Stair Runners are on Trend Right Now that they Are often On The Waiting List! These Designer Stair Runners Will Make Any Staircase Pop, Super Tuff this Anderson Tuftex Carpet is Yes Sir! A Thing Of Beauty!


Check out these other Herringbone stair runners Click Here

7. Bold Patterned Stair Carpet Runner

Bold patterns make a statement and take your staircase from zero to hero! Here's Another Favorite Of Ours, This Anderson Tuftex Stair Runner Color In Particular Hides Things Well, if you Know What I Mean (Shhh)

 Geometric Styled Stair Runner

8. Waffle Patterned Carpet Runners

Add a Waffle Carpet Runner to your Home’s Current Decor for a Harmonious Feel. This Classic Style of Stair Runner Will Suit Almost Any Home & Won't Break the Bank ...Wink Wink!


9.  Shaw Tranquil Spirit Snowfall 

Want something exciting and eye-catching? Think About this Amazing Carpet From Shaw for your Stair Runner! Elegant, Sophisticated, You'll be a Hit your Next Get together, This is a Pet Perfect Carpet, easy to clean! White White oh You Are So Nice

pet proof staircase runner


10. Two Toned Modern Herringbone Stair Runner

Wow Is All Anyone Can Say when they Walk into This Home and Are Greeted By This Bay Of Hope Designer Stair Runner, Two Toned Luxury, Durable and Elegant!  Win Win Win, Win, Look at it its Absolutley Divine!

 herringbone stair runner

11. Gray Stair Runner 

Gray Stair Runner with a Hint Of Black, This Particular Stair Runner Was featured on the Hit Tv Series HGTV and if you're a fan You May Remeber This Stair Runner From an Episode Featuring  Certain Nashville Couple Now Defunk! Yup, Those 2 But We Still Love this Design! And Those 2



12. Beige Stair Runners

This Is  Ancient Treasure By Mohawk, A Super Popular Choice for Stair Runners For the Price Concious, Affordable and Luxurious at the same time and with a hint of Beige this Stair Runner Fits all Budgets.

best stair runners


13. Modern Pattern Staircase Runner

Brown & Beige as a choice for a carpet runner is Easy and hides any dirt well. It also complements any home’s decor. This Stair Runner is Called Cork and We love it!



14. Jute Style Staircase Runner

Liven up a boring and dull staircase with a Jute Style Carpet Runner.  

Super Durable and Great for stairs, you are going to love it!

 modern stair runner

15. Anderson Tuftex Batique Stair Runners

The staircase can be cold and uninviting, so try and counteract this by introducing some Different hues. Batique Meet Staircase, Feet Meet Batique. Soft Soft Soft and Will Stand the Test of Time!

stair runner with landing


16. Clean white carpet runner

White never goes out of fashion and can create the illusion of space, light and airiness, definitely something you need for your staircase! That white-patterned stair runner would be incredible in your house.


17. Anderson Tuftex Only Natural Herringbone Carpet Runner

Herringbone we meet again! Another Favorite of the Creative Designers Group and Stagers Everywhere, This Chevron Patterned Stair Runner By Anderson Tuftex is to Die For, Very Very Popular and Did we Mention Poular! This Color is the Color of Colors!


18. Gray Striped Stair Runners

Gray and natural color. It is also a great introduction to your home as a carpet runner on your staircase. Great For Kids and Pets this Gray Stair Runner Does the Job And Would Compliment Any Staircase.



19. Cheap Nylon Stair Runner

Strong Durable & Cheap! this Nylon Stair Runner from Shaw called Areial Arts comes in many fantastic colors and comes with a fabulous price tag, with a good pad your all set!

 cheap nylon stair runner

20. Bold Black Staircase Runners


If you have a contemporary style in your home, extend this theme to your staircase carpet runner as well with modern Solid Look.


21. Striped Stair Runners

Sometimes they Want Stripes so give them Stripes! This Stair Runner From Shaw is 100% Nylon, Durable as Hell and Definitely not Boring! This is a Picture of a Stair Runner that Was Also On HGTV and Installed By Direct Carpet


22. Brown & Tan Stair Runners

Your staircase runner will look cool and collected with a solid block of Brown and a Design Pattern in Tan, Contemporary, Beautiful, Classic, Modern and all of the Above Comes in Many Different Colors. This One We Really Like!


23. Simple, Affordable Staircase Runners

Simple Stair Runners are What Some Situations Call For, Want to Give your Stairs a Face Lift? Maybe your Selling and Your Stairs Need a Pick me Up! This Small Square Stair Runner From Mohawk will do just that! And at an Affordable Price to!

cheap stair runners


24. Dark Gray Patterned Stair Runners

Twilight Jungle is the Name and Dark Bold Gray Stair Runner is Her Name!

Beautiful Dark and Bold This Stair runner From Mohawk Industries Would Look Great Anywhere But Would Look Best on Your Staircase, Great for Dogs and Pets This Is the One Mom!

new stair runners sold by the foot


25. Traditional Dark Brown Runner Rug


You simply cannot go wrong with a traditional Brown Carpet Runner for your Stairs. It looks homely and hides stains well. Here is a Herringbone Patterned dark Brown Stair Runner Great for All Occasions. 100% Nylon and Ready For Traffic!

dark herringbone stair runner

How to Install a Stair Runner

How to Measure for a stair runner




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