Best Carpet for Stairs? You"ll Be Surprised!


What is the Best Carpet For Stairs?

Most Popular Carpet for Stairways & Runners this year are Exquisite Portrait Corinthian Column clicking here

Best Hard Wearing Carpet for Stairs & Stair Runners Anderson Tuftex as the name suggests click here

Carpet or Wood Stairs That is the Question? There are all types of carpets out there, some look absolutely amazing but can be of lesser quality,

Today we are going to Go Over What I Personally, think is the best carpeting for your stairs whether you are doing wall to wall Carpeting on your Staircase or your Thinking Modern Farmhouse Fancy Stair Runner :) Today is Carpeted Stairs vs. Wood Stairs.

best carpet runner for stairs

Carpet or wood stairs: Which is the Best Option?

Choosing between carpeted stairs and hardwood stairs can become a difficult decision.

Carpeted stairs are soft and feel great underfoot, It's also safer than slippery old hardwood stairs. It's Great for sound absorption, but carpet wears.

On the Other Hand, Hardwood Stairs & Floors for that matter are more durable But can be more expensive.

Carpeted Stairs Sometimes from an economic point of view are cheaper and the better choice for many people

carpet runner or wood stairs

Are Carpeted Stairs Outdated?

Have you heard this before? Do they still sell carpeting? Are carpet runners still in fashion? Of course, carpeting on stairs is still happening LOL!

Good Grief have you seen the number of carpet stores in the United States Alone?

The Carpet Industry in the United States alone is worth in 2022 is over 112 Billion Dollars and that's Billion with a B!

So We would say that the carpet industry is alive and well.

carpet is in fashion

How Durable are Carpeted stairs?

There is No Easy answer to how well a carpet will wear on stairs, now with that being said, we think carpet on stairs is awesome, but what kind of carpet is durable?

dogs on carpet

All carpet is durable and all carpets can last a very long time if taken care of and you don't have a rhino living with you!

Now will certain carpets fade over time: Answer Yes

Will Carpets wear over time: Answer Yes?

Will Carpets Bla Bla Bla: Answer Yes, Yes, and Yes!

No Carpet will last forever and certainly not longer than hardwood flooring, but who cares, it feels great and looks great its eye candy for your staircase and your house, and Having carpet on stairs is fun!

What kind of Carpet is best for stairs?

Well, I'm Glad you asked this Question

Carpet Fiber: solution dyed nylon/synthetic fibers

Nylon comes to mind right away, Nylon you say, but I thought wool was the best, and then someone told me P.E.T was better or worse oh I'm so confused.

Don't be confused we've got you covered,

Certain Nylon Carpets wear really well & are great for foot traffic, but the Scotchgard can wear off after a certain amount of years or constant shampooing! Wool is an amazing hypoallergenic option but can be very pricey!

stain proof carpet

Smartstrand P.E.T is great for pets, small children, and foot traffic because it is supposedly stain-proof and can be cleaned endlessly,

At one time white P.E.T was put into an elephant cage and lived on for god knows how long they removed the elephant and steam washed the carpet to brand new go figure?

What Kind of Carpet is Best for stairs:

: Answer the one with the best price/best warranty/ the one you can afford and the one you like :)


Every year the number of deaths from Falling down slippery wooden stairs in America is estimated to be around 12,000 per year, that's a lot of tumbles,

My understanding is that more people are buying stair runners for their staircases and if not stair runners they are doing full coverage!

Carpet Companies are installing carpet on stairs like crazy for reasons such as grandma slipped a few times and we don't need a broken hip!

slipping on wood stairs with no carpeting

My wife is 6 months pregnant and these slippery hardwood floors have to go, carpet we need you!

You would not believe the pet owners out there, especially dog lovers that get a carpet runner installed on the stairs because Spot won't come upstairs to sleep with us! I'm Not kidding ,,, Really!

Carpet By far is the safer choice over wood stairs Boom!


Staircases are your most functional part. If it didn't work, it would be impossible to get from one room to another. In this regard, it is necessary to determine whether these stairs are suitable for use as carpeted stairs or wood stairs.

What are the different Installations of carpet on wood stairs called?

waterfall carpet installation

The First and Oldest would be called (Waterfall) Like Scarletts Staircase, Waterfall Style Carpet Installation is just like it Looks and sounds, it looks like if you poured water down your stairs it would cascade down like a waterfall to create a traditional look.

carpet installation styles on stairs

The Most Popular Stair Carpet Installation Style in 2022 and 2023 is called cap and band or called Hollywood Carpet Style it describes one method where the installer attaches carpet directly onto the staircase and the carpet is wrapped around the nose of the stair contouring the lining towards the riser.

Do I Need A Professional Installer?

Well, General Rule, is a Proper Installation is key you will need a few special tools and a little elbow grease to pull off an excellent job

Are you a DIYer? Do you Have Some Tools?

carpet tools

If you want to DIY your Own Carpet Installation on the stairs, there is a ton of Tutorial videos on YouTube, You Can Become an Expert Overnight if you've got what it takes, Give it a Shot Live a Little, I've seen many success stories.

Here is an Amazing Video from YouTube showcasing not only how to install a stair runner on a staircase, but also the landing as well its one of the best carpet installation videos on YouTube/

Where do I buy Carpet for my stairs?

1/Local Carpet Shops have Scrap pieces left over from previous jobs and are just collecting dust and if you ask nicely they may just give you some of their leftover carpets for free,

You don't need much for a small staircase maybe 6x12 and lots of times those small scraps will just go to the landfill so it doesn't hurt to ask!

I know at Our Carpet Store We have more new scraps than we can use so we turn them into DOGBONERUGS sell them and donate the proceeds to pet charities and that saves a whole bunch of landfill, Or saying is from landfill to love here is the link

dog bone rugs

Home Depot Is a place where you can get carpet right off the rack if you are in a hurry! same as Lowes

A fabulous place to get Beautiful carpet runners, stair runners area rugs, and stair carpets are

Noise reduction with carpets

The carpet absorbs sound over wood stairs Depending upon your needs for soundproofing and insulation from loud music, Kids, pets, and tenets, carpets are the right option. Over time, wooden stairs can also start creaking, which could upset some house owners. For light sleepers, it may be necessary to choose a Carpet over Harwood for stairs.

Carpet Wins the competition for the Noise Reduction Hands Down

carpet is a sound absorber

Carpet is the safer choice

The saying "Be Safer than sorry" is true. Carpets are rated for safety. When a family member is often using stairs, they should always use carpet stairs. Hardwood flooring can be dangerous if something spills over it. Whenever a person falls, hardwood can be more painful than carpet.

Carpet is the Winner in the Safety Factor!

What is the best carpet for stairs with pets?

We think that One of the Best from our Experiences is mohawk smartstrand!

Not because we have sponsorship from Mohawk but our experience over the last 20 years has been the easiest to clean, and stain resistant

There is a Video out there From 2013 of me and a tv host on Breakfast television where I am there and the test is to spill red wine on this particular carpet and I being me got the red wine stain out on live tv in about 35 seconds.

stain proof carpet

I mean so first hand, we think That this brand is great for people who are looking to keep stains out of their carpet

Mohawk says you can steam clean this type of carpet all the time without problem because there is no Scotchgard the protection is built right into the carpet

What you're looking for is something that is great for high foot traffic, great for absorbing sound easy cleaning, and a quality carpet

Carpet on Stairs How Much Does it Cost?

What are the costs for carpet stairs? Overall cost Installing carpet on stairs costs between $10 and $400 per square foot. You will need to pay an additional $15 to $30 per step if the installation is more complex and requires additional cutoffs, strips, odd curves, upgraded pad

The best thing to do is Find a carpet you like, call around and start getting quotes for your particular staircase needs!

How do you attach the carpeting to the stairs?

Ok, so this is the quick version of how to install carpet to stairs, the quick answer is with staples but let's run this down a bit, shall we with the tools you will need to install and attach your carpet to your stairs?

  1. Knee Kicker

  2. Electric Staple gun

  3. 9/16 staples

  4. carpet tucker

  5. exacto knife

  6. hammer

  7. smooth edge or Tack strips

        if it's a full stair install Here is a Carpet tool Guide for tools you can       use! runner

    5 Ways to Save money when your buying carpet and installation if you're on a Tight Budget

    Credit card!

    1/ Don't Pay with your credit card? Why do you say, what about my points lol, Reasons not to pay by credit card are simple Jack! Yes, you will get the points, but you will most likely not pay it off in time and it will cost you more in interest!

    Wait till you have saved enough money, carpet is not that expensive,

    Ok, if you promise to pay before the end of the month :) yay points

    2/ Rip out the old carpet!

    Rip out the old yucky carpet you say! Yup, I say, clean it up rip it out all that jazz because carpet companies and Carpet installers will charge you extra for having to clean up your mess! Besides you, ain't got nothing better to do, and you're bored! Think New carpet on wood stairs YA!

    3/Move your own furniture

    If you have Furniture in the room and in the way it will have to be moved and if you do it with a friend or spouse you will save even more money, If you leave it for the Installers you will have to pay!

    Don't Be Lazy :) Save Money move furniture!

    4/Buy Local or discount online

    Buying your Carpet Locally is a great help to your local economy, but don't buy from big box stores buy from small local well-known retailers with great reviews, these people are the backbone of communities, and usually mom and pop shops,

    There are some wonderful online retailers as well that are not huge conglomerates and serve the people locally and abroad

    5/Install the carpet yourself

    When Carpeting Stairs, If you wanted to save even more money install the carpet yourself, there are many great tutorials on YouTube on how to install carpet in rooms and carpet on stairs here check this video out

    6/Bonus Do not Buy the Most Expensive carpet

    You can save more money by not buying the most expensive carpet! Do you really need to be that fancy because your peeps wanna come for tea or scotch?

    Hell no we won't go to the most expensive carpet because why sally why because style change trends change why do you need a 25-year warranty when your African yellow-green carpet won't be in style and you'll be changing it in five years when you get bored or better yet you sell your house and move LMAO!

    Let's wrap this part up/ you can save a ton of money when you carpet stairs if you follow a few steps I've pointed out to you here! you don't have to use all of these tips but hopefully, you'll thank me for this one day :)

    Final Thoughts

    We love carpet on stairs with wood underneath, meaning we love stair runners or a carpet runner the most because you get the best of both worlds, Carpeted stair treads help prevent falls and hardwood looks beautiful, combining the two is even better than just one or the other, with the right carpet color and the right Hardwood treads there is nothing more satisfying in our opinion.

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