10 Tools you will need To Install a Stair Runner Like a Pro....


So you Want to Install a Stair Runner here are some of the tools you will need!

  1. Roberts Knee Kicker
  2. Roberts Electric Staple Gun
  3. Roberts carpet Shears
  4. Hammer Stapler
  5. Tape Measure
  6. Hammer
  7. Roberts Stair Tool
  8. Roberts Carpet Knife
  9. Electric Staple Gun Staples
  10. Hammer Stapler, Staples
stair runner tools
Hi, My Name is Keith Shannon, Owner at Directcarpet.com  I have been a Professional Carpet installer and Stair Runner Specialist for over 25 Years, this is a List of Tools that I Personally Use to Install a Stair Runner With and have left one of my YouTube Videos at the bottom of the Page on How to use these tools when installing a stair runner Enjoy!

1. A Roberts Knee Kicker

Roberts Knee Kicker is an Industry Standard, there are others, but most of us Pro's use a Roberts, they are the most popular and easy to grab from flooring supply shops and Amazon!

Some Big Box Stores rent them for the Do it Yourselfers Such as Home Depot and Lowes

Check out the Pricing for Roberts Knee Kicker Here

roberts knee kicker


2. Roberts Electric Staple Gun

Roberts Electric Staple Gun is a Favorite Electric Staple gun of Mine Why? It's Pretty Cheap Compared to other ones in the industry such as the Duo-fast! 

Roberts Staple Gun is cheaper than the others and in my opinion works pretty damn good, now being a pro carpet installer myself i do go through guns pretty fast

The Duo-fast for me costs about $300 and the Roberts is around $155 which is half the price! they both have their problems and their solutions and for the last few years Iv'e been saying bye bye Duo-fast hello Roberts

Home Depot Uses these Roberts Guns for Rentals at some of their rental centers

See Pricing here for Roberts Electric Staple gun

Roberts Electric Staple gun


3. Roberts Carpet Shears

Roberts Carpet Shears are Amazing I love the Big Grippers on them and how sharp they are, just great to use. I use these Shears to Cut my Riser Carpet down to exact size and great fit

I suppose any sharp shears will work great, but I am Loyal to a company when their tools are great, besides Iv'e been using them for years and like an old dog!

Good deal on these Shears check the link for pricing

Roberts Shearing scissors

4. Hammer Stapler

Hammer Staplers are used for many things such as stapling down vapor barrier and in the Carpet Installation business, we use a hammer stapler to staple down the underpass.

A hammer stapler is a pretty standard tool and if you don't have the budget you can always use your Roberts electric staple gun as a substitute if you're only doing a small stair runner!

Here's a link so you can check it out!

dewalt hammer stapler

5. Tape Measure

What Can I say of course you'll need a tape measure to do this kind of work!

 I Use a Tape measure to keep me going up the stairs in a straight line, I  check my spacing on every stair, to see what i mean watch the video at the bottom of this page

I will leave a link to one of my Faves, Not all tape measures are created equal!

Tape Measures on sale at Amazon 

25 ft craftsman tape measure


6. Hammer 

Any standard hammer will work fine for installing a stair runner, you probably have one lying around the house.

We use a hammer on a stair runner in partnership with the Roberts Stair Tool to hammer the staples down into place and make sure they are good and in 

I use a Dewalt Hammer and I Love it! here's a Link to the Exact One I Use

Dewalt Hammer 

dewalt hammer


7. Roberts Stair Tool

I love my Roberts Stair Tool, I hammer the Crap out of that thing. We both Use a Roberts Stair Tool or Carpet Tucker as I Sometimes Say for not only installing stairs, but every day for secure and tucking the carpet beneath the baseboards,

I could Not Do My Job Without One and you will need one in my opinion to install your Stair Runner Properly the right way!

I promise you in your Lifetime you will never destroy one!

Roberts Stair tool Link

roberts stair tool

8. Roberts Carpet Knife

Roberts Carpet Knife is also known as the Bloody Mary LOL, this is a double sided knife, meaning its sharp on the bottom and sharp at the top, this is the only knife I use personally but do not recommend for newbies, Hence the Term Bloody Mary.

With the blade being sharp on the top and bottom I can use both sides simultaneously and change my blade less frequently, therefore getting more work done faster and time is money!

If you are just starting out here is a great carpet knife just for you and your stair runner installation

Carpet Knife Link for Beginners 

carpet knife

exacto knife

9 & 10 Staples

You will need staples and that's a fact Jack! If you are using both the hammer stapler and the electric gun, here's a link below to the proper staples for both!

Link for Electric gun staples

Link for Hammer Staples

electric gun staples

hammer staples


Check out this Link for More / How to Install a Stair Runner Yourself




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