Top 5 Herringbone Stair Runners For 2024


Herringbone Stair Runners

 Herringbone Stair Runners Have Been Quite the Rage in the Last Few Years, We Started Having People Asking For Herringbone Style Patterned carpets Back as Far as I Can Remember!

The Herringbone Stair Runners that People Seemed to Gravitate to the most was Only Natural Cafe Noir, Cliff Edge, Landmark, Luminary Plaza Taupe and Silverado From Anderson Tuftex,

Herringbone carpet runners

9 Best Modern Farmhouse Stair Runners


These are Just a Few of the Favorites, But Trust Me there is Way more and Tons of Different Colors to Choose from.



Herringbone Stair Runners are Exquisite and Will Make Any House Feel Luxurious, This Particular Herringbone Stair Runner Can Be Installed by the DIY Person But Please Take Caution Though it is a very thin But Dense Stair Runner and Will Need some Manipulation to get it in Line :)


Anderson Tuftex Cliff Edge


Anderson Tuftex Only Natural Cliff Edge is a Timeless Classic Looking Stair Runner That Would Suit Any Staircase and Home, Fantastic Wearing 100% Nylon

The Color of this carpet is fantastic with its Brown and Biege Herringbone Patterned Lines.

Herringbone Style Stair Runner 


The Videos Included In this Blog at the Bottom of the Page will Show you All you Need to Know about Installing Anderson Tuftex Herringbone Stair Runners.

Modern brown and beige stair runner

Heres Cliff Edge Time Lapse Video

Herringbone Stair Runners Are Timeless

Now The Great Thing About a Herringbone Stair Runner Its Timeless! 

A Herringbone Stair Runner Looks Fabulous in Any Home or Staircase, This Classic Look Fits any Style of Home Whether you have an old classic Victorian Home, a Modern Farmhouse Home, or Just an Average Home! A Herringbone Stair Runner Will Do The Home Right!

Here are a Few Pictures of Herringbone Stair Runners in Action Below



Anderson Tuftex Luminary 

Anderson Tuftex Only Natural Luminary is an amazing Fantastic Gray with White Herringbone Pinstripes.
One of Our Most Popular Herrinbone Carpet Runners That is for Certain.

Gray Herringbone runner from

This Carpet Goes Great on Black Stair Treads with White Riders But also Looks Great in a Traditional Setup.

Traditional carpet runner

Heres a Great Shot of the Luminary from Above!

Anderson Tuftex Carpet runner in grey

Heres a Quick Video Of Luminary Check it Out!


Anderson Tuftex Plaza Taupe

Anderson Tuftex Plaza Taupe is a Very Popular Carpet Runner! Set In a Light Cream with Warm Brown Accents people Just Love it!

Plaza Taupe Staircase runner in a herringbone pattern

Heres a Great Picture of Plaza Taupe on a Winding Custom Staircase

Herringbone carpet on winders

Here is a great close up with Great Focus on the True color of Plaza Taupe


Cream and brown carpet runner in herringbone style

Anderson Tuftex Silverado

Anderson Tuftex Only Natural Silverado, a Silver Herringbone Inner Line with a Beige Taupe Inner Line with White Fleck, 

silver grey stair runner

Silverado is Very Popular and Looks Great in any setting or staircase.

100% Nylon

Here's a great example of Anderson Tuftex Silverado left turn landing

These Custom Landings are Available at Direct Carpet

left turn stair runner landing


And the Side View Through the Spindles

Grey Herringbone carpet runners

Silverado Being Installed


Anderson Tuftex Only Natural Cafe Noir

People Just Love this Dark Cafe Noir Color From Anderson Tuftex

Fantastic for hiding dirt that's for sure, 100% Nylon and Ready to work for you and your family.

black stair runner

Great separation in colors from the Dark Brown to the Medium Biege 

biege and brown carpet runner in herringbone 

Again Very popular and Looks Great in Multiple Differnet Staircases and hallways


herringbone carpet runner

This Shot In particular was taken in a Home with white, white walls and Loads of Front Facing Windows, the Picture is a Little Blown Out but you can see the contrast. 

Anderson Tuftex Cafe Noir Being Installed Watch Now!


And if Your Looking for Treads Only in Cafe Noir Herringbone Carpet Check this Out! 

What you'll need to think About if you're Going to Install a Herringbone Stair Runner yourself!

1/ You'll Need to Measure your Stairs to See How Much carpet You will need.

2/ What Tools you will Need to Install your Stair Runner 

3/ How to Video Showing these Methods and Tools

4/ Order your Carpet


This Anderson Tuftex Stair Runner From Comes In 28 inch Wide and is Sold By the Foot from 6ft, 12ft, 18ft, 24ft, and custom lengths.

It Is Made In North America and includes Under pad and Free Shipping


How to Install a Stair Runner Yourself


The Video Below Shows Anderson Tuftex Cafe Noir Being Installed By Keith Shannon From Direct Carpet 

This Video Will Show You How to Install a Stair Runner DIY, If you Like this Stair Runner Carpet In the Video You Can Find out More Information at and if your looking for DIY stair Runners this is a Great Place to Find Them.

 carpet stair treads you will love 



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