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 Remove Grease from Carpet

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Have you found a grease stain on your carpet but have no idea how to remove it? Don’t worry - you may already have some effective remedies in your cabinets to remove that grease stain. Before you get on the phone to the carpet cleaners, why not try a few of our home remedies for removing grease from a carpet?

What type of carpet do you have?

Before you start tackling that stain, it might be worthwhile to find out what type of fiber your carpet contains. Synthetic fibers and natural fibers can behave very differently when it comes to stains, and grease stains in particular can be difficult to remove. But once you know what type of fiber you have, you are already on the path to potential success.

Boloria Democracy DIY Carpet Runner

Synthetic carpets, such as this Boloria Democracy DIY Carpet Runner, are often treated to resist surface staining, so that grease stain may be removed faster than you think. If your carpet is a natural fiber such as wool, you may find that it absorbs a stain more easily, but it is still possible to remove stains and grease from natural fabrics. In fact, treating it with a natural product is often recommended. Many carpets these days are treated with special finishes to help prevent everyday staining such as grease, wine, or chocolate.

Handy Hints

- Try to blot as much of the grease as possible before using other products as this will help remove the stains quicker and reduce the risk of spreading it over a larger area.

- Use a blunt knife to scrape away any surface grease, leaving you with less grease to deal with overall.

- Allow it to dry completely before you vacuum.

- Sprinkle some essential oil drops on your cloth to leave your carpet smelling fresh.

The absorbent remedy

How to Remove Grease from Carpet home remedy

Try to absorb most of the grease in the stain before you treat it; this should help you to remove it more easily. Take a look in your kitchen cabinets and see if you have any cornstarch or baking soda; even talcum powder would work in a pinch. Generously sprinkle the powder over the grease stain and leave for at least 15 minutes to allow the powder to work its magic and absorb most of the grease. Once the 15 minutes are up, run a vacuum cleaner over the powder or a stiff brush, and hopefully you will have removed a lot of the surface grease. Then you could use a mixture of warm dish soap and water on a clean cloth and gently blot the foam suds over the remains of the stain. Try not to wet the carpet too much; just work with the top fibers. Blot well with a clean cloth and allow it to dry.


Vinegar is one of those all-time popular remedies for many household cleaning jobs, and it can be especially effective for cleaning natural fiber carpets. First, blot the stain with some absorbent paper towels or a dry cloth. Then, mix a tablespoon of white vinegar with a tablespoon of dishwashing soap and a cup of warm water. Dab the suds over the grease stain and dry with a clean absorbent cloth, and repeat as necessary.

WD 40

WD 40 is not just for oiling that squeaky hinge. It can also double up as a degreasing agent. Spray the affected area and leave for a few moments to allow the degreasing agents to react with the grease stain. Sponge the area with some warm soapy water made from dish soap and blot dry. Try not to over-wet the area, and allow it to dry naturally.

Shaving Cream!

remove stains from carpet

Yes, you read about it here first! Shaving cream can double up as a carpet cleaner. Who knew? Apparently, it’s all about those foam bubbles that help release the grease molecules from the carpet. So raid that bathroom cabinet and spray some shaving foam on the grease stain.

Gently work the foam into the stain. You can even use an old toothbrush to help release the stain from the carpet. Remove any foam with a dry cloth and repeat until the stain is removed. The added bonus is that your carpet will smell nice, too.

No one likes to find grease stains on their carpet, but if you do find some after a dinner party or a night eating pizza in front of the TV, it is good to know that you have a few home remedies up your sleeve to remove them with no fuss.

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