How Often Should You Vacuum Your Carpet?

How Often Should You Vacuum Your Carpet?

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How often you should vacuum your carpet is a common question that we receive from customers here at Direct Carpet.


So, how often should you vacuum your carpet? This article will explain everything you need to know!


Vacuuming your carpet is essential to remove dust, surface dirt, pet hair and more.

Any floor surface will accumulate dust, bacteria, pet hair, dirt and odd bits every few days.


This is completely normal and, to remove this unwanted dirt, carpet experts recommend that you vacuum your carpet twice a week.


Vacuuming your carpet helps to keep it cleaner for longer and also helps to preserve its longevity.

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How often you vacuum your carpet depends on the situation in your home.


As mentioned, you should vacuum your carpet about twice a week.


However, this is only a general recommendation and a lot will also depend on your home’s unique situation.


Below are some common carpeting scenarios that may require you to vacuum more or less:


High traffic areas

High traffic areas are those that see a lot of footfall. These areas naturally have more dirt, dust and more.


Examples of high traffic areas include staircases, entrance halls, and the living room.


These areas, therefore, need to vacuum more regularly, and you may need to vacuum there 3 to 4 times a week to keep it looking neat and tidy.

Carpeted stairs


Homes with pets and kids

Anyone with kids and/or pets knows that they love running around indoors and are prone to leaving dirt and pet fur wherever they go.


If you have pets or kids, you should think about vacuuming your carpet 4 to 5 times per week to prevent permanent staining, prevent unwanted smells and to keep everyone in your home healthy.

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Family members and friends with allergies

Folks who suffer from allergies can be sensitive to dust, pet dander and pollen that can all lodge themselves in the carpet’s fibers.


If you or someone in your household has allergies, it’s recommended that you vacuum every second day to keep the carpet free from allergens.

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Single person households with no pets

Do you live alone without any pets? If so, it may feel like you’ve won the carpet jackpot because your carpets are only likely to need vacuuming twice a week!


Of course, if you feel that your carpet needs more regular vacuuming, you should do so as each household has different circumstances.


What happens if I don’t vacuum my carpet enough?

It can be tempting not to vacuum your carpet, especially if it already looks clean and doesn’t seem to contain any dust or surface dirt.


However, if you continuously omit to vacuum your carpet on a regular basis, your carpet will start to experience problems.


Failure to vacuum regularly can promote the formation of mold, which is harmful to humans and animals.

picture of mold growth 

If you have pets indoors, the carpet could hold on to the pet dander and trigger those with allergies.


Even though you may not see any dirt, dust can easily accumulate when you don’t vacuum enough and this can breed bacteria and provide a good breeding plan for dust mites.


No one wants any of these things in their home, so be sure to vacuum your carpet once a week, at the very least.



Now that you have more information on how regularly you should vacuum your carpet, are you happy with your home’s current carpeting situation?


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Need advice from a carpeting pro? Contact us here and we will be delighted to help you!

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