How to Install a Stair Runner on Turning Stairs

how to install a stair runner on turning stairs

Installing a carpet runner on a straight run of stairs is often a straight forward job, but if your staircase includes Turning or Winding  stairs, it can be more difficult to fit the carpet correctly. The main things to remember are to make sure you measure well and plan how to cut the carpet to ensure minimal wastage and mistakes. This is the best approach to help you achieve that professional result you are looking for.

Examine the staircase

Examine the staircase

The first step is to visually examine the staircase. Make a note of how many stairs are the same size, then check the angled stairs. Turning stairs can often include different dimensions, so it is worthwhile to take your time measuring these stairs. If you are unsure, you may find it helpful to make a paper pattern of each angled stair to ensure that you are cutting the right shape. This could save you from making expensive mistakes later.


There are specialized tools that can help you with your stair runner  fitting and getting that professional finish. It is recommended that you have some essential tools and equipment to make fitting your carpet to angled stairs an easier process. These could include:


- A carpet trimming knife or scissors, which are essential for cutting carpet to shape.

- A carpet stretcher, which allows you to stretch the carpet and provide a smooth, fitted finish.

- A carpet tucker: With this tool, you can tuck the edges of the carpet in and create a tidy, no-fray finish.

- Heavy-duty craft paper for making templates.

- Adhesive tape

- Measuring tape

- Tailor’s chalk to mark a margin around the template (optional)


Turning Stair Template

Using the heavy craft paper, make a paper template for each angled stair. The paper should not stretch or be too thin. You will need a template for each stair, even if they appear to be the same shape and size as they can differ slightly, especially with the angles.

How to make the template for Turning Stairs?

Using the heavy craft paper, start at the back of the lowest tread of the stairs. Secure in place with tape. Smooth the paper over the tread and allow it to go over the step and down to the floor. Now you can begin to fit the paper to the tread using tape. Cut away any excess until you have the shape of the tread and the riser below it. Mark the number of the stair on the pattern, including which side will be the right way up. This will prevent you from incorrectly cutting the carpet on the reverse side. Then proceed to the next tread and use the same procedure to make your templates.

Check your templates

Once you have made your templates, recheck that your paper templates have the correct number of the stairs, they will fit and that the template is marked the right way up for cutting.

Carpet underlay

If you are fitting a carpet underlay on the stairs, you can use the same template you have made for the angled stairs, but you will need to reduce the margins by one inch all the way around. It might be simpler to make a copy of your original stair patterns and then reduce each one by an inch.

Cutting the carpet

Place the template on the carpet, and using a tailor’s chalk, mark a three-inch margin all around the template. This will be your cutting line. Once the carpet is in place on the stair, you can trim away any excess as required, minimizing the risk of costly mistakes.

How to install your stair carpet?

Your first task, if you are using an underlay, is to fit it to the stairs. Once the underlay is tacked down securely, you can begin to fit the carpet over the top of it. You will be fitting the carpet to each angled step as you go, taking the time to trim away any excess carpet, but leaving enough carpet to fit over the underlay so you can tack it securely to the wooden stair underneath.

It is always worthwhile to ask for advice from a carpet fitting company before you fit your own carpet carpets are often an expensive investment. But carpet fitting is a process that can be achieved by any competent homemaker, as long as you take your time and are careful to measure correctly and only cut the carpet once you are sure.

How to Make a Paper Template on Angled Stairs


Angled Stairs are not that difficult to craft and install, there are Stores such as that pre-makes these angled stairs and all you have to do is install them

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