Anderson Tuftex Stair Runners

I Love Anderson Tuftex Stair Runners

Anderson Tuftex Stair Runners! What can I say?.. But they Are

1. Awesome!






Hi, My Name Is Keith Shannon I am a professional stair runner and carpet installer for over 25 years and have been using Anderson Tuftex for over a decade now and I am just amazed at the quality, durability and Beauty of this product!

Many People around the Globe use Anderson Tuftex in bedrooms and basements, hallways and living rooms, but I myself and my company  use Anderson Tuftex for Stairs and Stair Runners Exclusively 


Above Image

Anderson Tuftex Geometric Patterned Stair Runner

on a Beautiful Custom Staircase 

Anderson Tuftex is a Durable Stair Runner

In My 25 years of carpet laying Experience I have yet to come across a carpet that can stand up to the wear and tear of what a staircase and a staircase carpet runner can go through.

The Durability of Anderson Tuftex is Second to None, and in my opinion you will not wear out this carpet, the houses and people we have installed Anderson Tuftex stair runners have nothing but good things to say about their stair runner or stair carpet,

Every Job I Have Installed With Anderson Tuftex looked amazing and I'm not saying that because I did the installation lol,

I'm saying that Because it just does! 

Here is an example Below of a Stair Treads Only staircase that I carpeted with Anderson Tuftex

 Anderson Tuftex is Timeless as a Stair Runner

The Anderson Tuftex stair runner is timeless! Yup, I said it Timeless!

It Seems to me and I am not.. A decorator or fancy designer, I'm just a business owner and carpet installer with not much taste for Decor.

Everytime I Install an Anderson Tuftex Stair Runner and talk with the customers about the job they are floored I am floored and what comes up on many of these occasions in conversation is this stair runner is timeless!

Have a Look at this Anderson Tuftex Timeless Look Below

this is Anderson Tuftex Marrakech indigo blue stair runner


Anderson Tuftex a Beautiful stair runner

Anderson Tuftex is beautiful in my eyes, I absolutely love it, now from an installation point of view its not that easy to work with just because its TOUGH'

But over time I have come to love this carpet both from a beauty perspective and an installation point of view.

Below is a great DIY video of me installing Anderson Tuftex Marrakech Indigo blue Stair Runner and how you can to guide from my YouTube channel

 Anderson Tuftex Herringbone Stair Runner

Well Anderson Tuftex is Timeless, Classic and Beautiful, Tough and Durable and My Favorite and it soon will be yours as well!

Last but not least lets talk about everyones favorite Anderson Tuftex Herringbone Stair Runners

Out of All the Anderson Tuftex Stair Runners we install and sell, We Install and Sell more Only Natural Herringbone Patterned Carpets for stair runners.

people seek us out all throughout the United States and Canada to either purchase a Anderson Tuftex Herringbone Stair Runner to DIY install it themselves or people are purchasing a Anderson Tuftex Herringbone Stair Runner from us for me to install1

Either way it is by far our most popular Anderson Tuftex Stair Runner!

I will leave a few pictures and a video down below and if you're interested in Anderson Tuftex Stair Runners here is a Link to see More Direct Carpet

How to Install a Stair Runner Yourself click here



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