Awesome Colorful Stair Design Ideas.

stair runner design ideas


The staircase is not normally considered as the most exciting area in the home, nor is it a place that homeowner gives much thought.

 However, having an attractive staircase area can enhance the overall look of your home and create a great first impression, especially if your stairs are visible from your entrance hall.

 Direct Carpet has some excellent hair design ideas for you to consider:

 Install a carpet runner on your staircase.

One of the easiest ways to make your staircase more colorful, exciting and beautiful is to install a carpet runner on the stairs.

Carpet runner for stairs 

If you browse DirectCarpet’s range of staircase runners, you will notice that they come in a wide range of attractive designs, patterns and colors.

There is a stair runner carpet for all tastes and home interiors, and these can help to brighten up what is usually a dull area in the home.

If you are looking to create an air of cheerfulness in this area, we recommend selecting a brightly colored or patterned carpet runner.

Carpet runners in single color tones and neutral shades can also provide subtle esthetic value.

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Place, an area rug at the bottom and the top of your stairs.

An area rug is definitely a multi-functional item. Not only does it help with the acoustics in your home, but it also helps prevent slipping or tripping and provides a beautiful effect.

Carpet runner for stairs


Direct Carpet customers love placing an area rug at the bottom and top of the staircase for safety reasons and to improve the look of this space.

 Choosing an area rug that perfectly matches your home’s current decor is a great idea, as is choosing one that has brighter shades and patterns.

 Consider painting your staircase rails.

Looking for a stair design idea that will make your home pop and create brightness? Why not consider painting your staircase rails?

runner carpet


There are many options available. You could either paint them all in one attractive color, or you could opt to paint each one in a different color.

 This can give the staircase a rainbow effect and it can be a wonderful asset to your home in the long run.

 We recommend using high quality gloss paint that looks luxurious and creates a feeling of happiness, which every home should have.

 Painting the banister is also a great idea and you can match this with your stair rail colors.

 Decorate the walls with colorful pictures or photos.

Most people have countless printed photos that they don’t know what to do with. If this sounds like you, why not use your photo memories, have them framed and display them on the wall alongside your staircase?

stair runner carpet ideas


For a colorful and eye-popping effects, choose the frames that are brightly colored.

 Use fairy lights around the banister and stair rails.

Staircases can sometimes be dark and dingy, but not if you have the right lighting.

 Consider installing some indoor fairy lights and wind them around your staircase rails and banister.

carpet runners on sale 

This will give your home a soft, romantic look and feel. It is also a good idea to use fairy lights overnight instead of night lights as these provide soft illumination if you need to walk around your house but don’t want to wake anyone up.


As you can see from the above, there are many ways to create a colorful and cheerful staircase.

 If you need some ideas for staircase carpet runners or area rugs, feel free to browse DirectCarpet’s wide selection of carpet options.

 Need some advice about carpet runners or area rugs? Contact Direct Carpet here and we will get back to you as soon as possible.



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