Best Paint Color & Carpet Choices for Stair Runners

The Best Basement Paint Color and Carpet Choices for Stair Runners and Area Rugs



Since they do not contain windows, basements can be dark, dingy and dull places. However, there are many ways in which you can brighten up your basement to convert it into a cozy place that is bright and cheerful.


Here at Direct Carpet, we love all things carpet and are passionate about helping our customers create beautiful indoor spaces.


This article will discuss the best basement paint color and carpet choices:


Paint and carpet with warm undertones.

As mentioned, basements can feel cold and inviting, but you can try and counteract this by using paint and carpet that have warm undertones or shades.


Most colors have both warm and cool undertones. For instance, pink (which is a combination of blue and red), can look cold if it has more blue undertones than red. The converse is also true, so be sure to pick a color that you like and opt for the warm shade of that color.


Carpet-with warm-undertones


Neutral walls with gently patterned carpet

Neutral walls in white, off-white, light brown and gray can be beautifully off-set with carpet that has gentle patterns.


A great advantage of neutrally colored walls is that they match any kind of furniture or carpet, making them great options if you rent out your basement or are selling your home.


Neutral walls and neutral carpets can look boring and uninspiring when paired together and introducing patterns in your carpet can bring life and excitement to your basement.


Lighter shades of wall and carpet

Most basements tend to be dark and an obvious way of trying to make them lighter spaces is to use lighter shades of paint on the walls and on the carpet.


White, cream, off-white and magnolia on the walls and carpet can help create the illusion of light. In addition, it can make your basement appear larger and less claustrophobic.



Glossy paint and luxury carpet.

Many folks use their basements as guest rooms or places to store unwanted items.


However, if you want your basement to be a place where you can relax and enjoy the space, convert it into a luxurious room by using high quality gloss paint and thick, luxuriously piled carpet.


Use area rugs in complementary colors

If you don’t have the money at the moment to change the paint color on the walls or change your fitted carpet out, why not consider introducing a bright and cheerful area rug?


Area rugs come in a wide range of different colors, patterns and styles. There are plenty of area rugs available that can create an air of cheerfulness to your basement.


If your basement sees a lot of foot traffic, especially at the entrance, a great way of prolonging the life of your basement carpet and also brightening up the area is to use an attractive carpet runner.


Like area rugs, carpet runners come in a range of patterns and colors and there is a carpet runner out there that can enhance your basement.




As this article illustrates, there are many paint color and carpet choice options for basements.


The key is to select an option that you find attractive and one that you know will look great in your own basement.


If you don’t feel like going to the expense and effort of repainting and re-carpeting your basement, consider a beautiful Area Rug or Stair Runner runner from Direct Carpet.



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