What a Difference a Stair Runner Makes!

A Stair Runner Can Make a House Feel Like a Home!



Looking for an inexpensive yet highly effective way to reinvent your staircase? Consider a stair carpet runner which can revolutionize your home in more ways than you think!

This article will discuss some of the many ways a Direct Carpet stair carpet runner can enhance your home. Let’s take a look!  

Stair carpet runners create a feeling of luxury and quality.

A bare staircase can look austere and bland, but not if you have a high quality stair carpet runner!


Selecting a carpet runner for your stairs that is premium quality with long and dense fibers can transform your staircase into a place that has the air of luxury and comfort.


If you need some inspiration for premium quality carpet runners for stairs, browse DirectCarpet’s range here.

Stair Runner


Improve the acoustics on your stairs with a stair carpet runner.


Having a wood or tile staircase can look attractive, but they can be noisy when someone uses the staircase.


Without carpet or a carpet runner, every footstep can be heard, as well as any creaking or other noises from the wood.


To soften these noises, a carpet runner is the perfect solution. Carpet runners can also help voices to have less of an echo, thereby improving your home’s acoustics.


Stair carpet runners create a harmonious look and feel for your home’s decor.


You might have an interior decorating theme for your home, but this is often broken up in the staircase area, which is notoriously tricky to decorate.


If you are looking for a cost-effective but beautiful way to decorate your staircase and create harmony within your home, consider a complementary carpet stair runner.


Direct Carpet stocks a wide range of carpet stair runners in many different styles, colors and patterns, and we have something to suit all home decor styles.


Stair carpet runners can brighten up your staircase.


Some staircases consist of dark or medium-colored wood which, while beautiful, do nothing to brighten up the staircase and can create the illusion of darkness.


If you are looking for an attractive and cost-effective way to brighten up your staircase, consider using a staircase carpet runner in a light color.


Since they are placed over the staircase with the sides of the original flooring visible, a staircase carpet runner can provide an esthetically-pleasing contrast.


Direct Carpet recommends lighter carpet runner shades if you are concerned about your staircase being dark and dull.

Stair Runner 

They can provide warmth to a cold staircase area.

Uncarpeted staircases can be cold and unwelcoming places, especially during the colder months.


Instead of spending a fortune on your heating bill, invest in an inexpensive carpet runner which can retain heat and prevent the cold (inherent in tile or wood floor) from seeping into the air.




As you can see, a staircase carpet runner can make the world of difference to your home!


From brightening up the area, creating warmth and saving on your energy bill, improving the acoustics, providing a harmonious decorative theme, creating a feeling of luxuriousness: a staircase carpet runner can do it all.


Direct Carpet can assist you with all your carpet runner needs. Whether your home has a traditional decor theme, is more contemporary, or something quite unique, we have something that will make a positive difference to your staircase.


If you are unsure about the style, pattern or color you should choose, why not get in touch with us? We have extensive experience in supplying carpet runners for staircases and can advise you on what would look great in your home.

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