Why You Should Vacuum First Before Carpet Cleaning.

Cleaning your Carpet? Should you Vacuum First?

How to Clean carpet 

Here at Direct Carpet, we often receive queries from customers who need to know how to prepare for their carpet to be professionally cleaned.


We have therefore put together this useful guide to advise you what to do before having your carpets cleaned.


Why must I vacuum my carpeting before it gets cleaned?

This is a great question! Many people feel confused when we tell them that they should vacuum their carpet before having it cleaned.


After all, if the carpet is going to be cleaned anyway, why bother vacuuming beforehand? Also, carpet cleaning machines already have suction so shouldn’t they suck the surface dirt right up? Right? Wrong!


If you want a deep and highly effective carpet clean, Direct Carpet recommends vacuuming it beforehand to remove any surface dust, pet dander and other dirt.


Since carpet cleaning involves using water with a cleaning substance, any surface dirt or dust could be transformed into mud and become more deeply embedded into the carpet.


This is not a good situation and, in this case, your carpet may not end up as clean as you had initially hoped.


Vacuuming can also help to fluff out the carpet fibers and separate them from one another. When this is done, the cleaning process is easier as the cleaning agent is better able to reach all the carpet fibers and extract any unwanted dirt or debris.


When vacuuming your carpet, you will also be more likely to notice items on the carpet’s surface that could interfere with the carpet cleaning machine. For instance, small hair accessories, toys, or screws that are inadvertently left on the carpet could damage the carpet cleaning machine.


After my carpet has been cleaned, do I need to vacuum again?

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but, yes, you should vacuum your carpet after the cleaning and once it has dried.


There is a good reason for this: when the carpet cleaning machine is working, it extracts deeply embedded dirt and dust from the carpet. Most of this goes directly into the machine, but a small amount could still be on the carpet’s surface.

If left to sit on the carpet, this surface dirt can become embedded into the carpet again as soon as people start walking on it. Not a good situation, especially if you’ve paid top dollar for professional carpet cleaning!


Vacuuming directly after cleaning therefore helps to remove any residue and should be considered as the final step in the cleaning process.


If I use a professional carpet cleaning service, will they vacuum my carpet?

Professional carpet cleaning services do not generally include pre and post carpet cleaning vacuuming services as well.


Many of these companies expect you to do this yourself as a matter of course, while others will advise you to vacuum for optimal results.


If you cannot vacuum your carpets for some reason before and after the clean, Direct Carpet recommends speaking with the company well in advance to ask them to assist you.


If they are unable to help, it’s best to hire a cleaner to do the job for you.



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If you believe that your current carpeting is uninspiring and beyond refreshing with a professional, clean, it may be time for a change.


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