How to Choose a Stair Runner

Choosing a Stair Runner Carpet

A stair runner carpet can add a real touch of elegance and style to your hallway and stairs while providing an element of warmth and comfort to a wooden staircase. Deciding on a type of stair runner can be a challenge; after all, any kind of rug or carpet is an important design choice and a stair runner needs to be practical. If you are considering fitting a stair runner, learn more about the benefits of stair runners and how to go about choosing the perfect Stair runner to suit your home and lifestyle. Stair Runners by the foot

What, exactly, is a Stair Runner Carpet?

A stair runner is essentially a strip of carpet that runs down the stairs, typically over hardwood stairs. Stair Runners can vary in width, but do not cover the full width of the stairs. A stair runner runs down the middle of the stairs, leaving a strip of exposed wood on either side.

What are the benefits of a Stair Runner?

In addition to protecting the wooden stairs from scuffs and scratches, a stair runner makes for a safer surface to step on as it adds some traction. This is especially important if you have little ones running around in socks, who may slip on a smooth wooden surface. A stair runner makes the stairs safer to tread on, but you don’t lose the classic look of the wooden stairs. Stair Runners also help to reduce noise from footsteps going up and down the stairs and provide a more cushioned, comfortable feel underfoot. In addition to the practical implications, stair runners can add a decorative element to what can be an otherwise plain area.

What are the benefits of a stair runner?

What kind of Carpet is best for a Stair Runner?

The first thing to think about when choosing a stair runner is the type of carpet that you need. A stair runner rug must be made from a durable carpet because the stairs are a high-traffic area. You probably use your stairs more than you realize, and if you have children or pets, your stairs will get a lot of use!

Staircases and Stair Runners are under extra strain because of the force of gravity on the stairs, so your stair runner will need to be able to survive being put to the test! Although stair runner rugs come in all kinds of materials, wool and nylon are particularly suitable for stairs. Both nylon and wool are practical choices as they are durable and offer a quality, high-end look and feel. It’s possible to get an inexpensive carpet runner, such as this Boloria North American Gray Carpet Runner, which is a practical option for a family home.

Boloria North American Grey Carpet Runner

You will also need to consider the pile of the carpet. A high pile offers a really luxurious look and is very comfortable underfoot, but will certainly show signs of wear and tear more quickly than a lower-pile carpet.

Do stair runners need a cushion pad?

A pad underneath the carpet can really help the runner to last longer. A cushioned pad will raise the Stair Runner slightly and will increase the level of comfort to those who walk on it as well. The pad will need to be slightly narrower than the runner to ensure it isn’t visible, so do ensure you take your measurements carefully.

Patterned Stair Runners

Patterned stair runners come in a huge variety of colors and styles ranging from plain one-color runners to bold patterns in florals or geometric shapes. A Stair Runner offers an opportunity to make a real style statement. You might want to add a splash of color or a pattern to a plain area, but it’s important to ensure the pattern you choose is suitable for a staircase.

Some designs, especially larger patterns, work well on a long and flat surface - along a hallway, for example - but do not work as well when folded and curved over the stairs.

Small patterns tend to work well on a staircase as smaller patterns are displayed nicely, while larger-sized patterns can be disrupted as the runner bends over the edges, which means the overall effect is lost.

A herringbone pattern such as this Anderson Tuftex Only Natural Cafe Noir Carpet Runner offers a stylish yet classic look that is perfect for a staircase runner

Anderson Tuftex Only Natural Cafe Noir Carpet Runner

Matching up a pattern can be challenging, so if you opt for a geometric or linear pattern, always hire an experienced professional to fit the runner for a perfect look.


Stair Runners Typical Width is 26 inches to 28 inches and come in a variety of styles such as classic, modern and designer stair runners, Consider whether you are going to install this stair runner yourself or hire someone to do this for you! You will still have to choose the perfect stair runner? This website is a great place to start with lots of great carpets to choose from!

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