Reasons I Love Carpet, And Why You Should Too!

 I Love Carpet, And Why You Should Too! 


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Here at Direct Carpet, we are passionate about anything to do with a carpet and understand what makes a good carpet.


This article will discuss why we are passionate about carpet, and why you should, too. Let’s take a look:


Carpet creates a sense of warmth and comfort to your home.

Hard flooring and tile may look and feel sterile, but it doesn’t provide the same sense of warmth and comfort to your home or office as carpet does.



The home should be a place of warmth, comfort and relaxation and carpet helps to create a sense of coziness in your home.


There is nothing better than relaxing in your living room or bedroom when the furnishings are soft and conducive to calm like carpet is.

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It is a great floor option if you have kids or like to relax on the floor.

Anyone who has kids will know how much they enjoy playing, creating art and relaxing on the floor.


An area rug provides the perfect, soft surface for kids to play with their toys and just be kids.


Many adults also like lounging around on the floor reading a book, watching TV, or simply hanging out with friends and family members.


Carpet can go a long way in allowing the whole family to have a space to be themselves and unwind after a long day.

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The carpet is actually just as healthy as hard flooring.

Over the past few decades, folks have been ripping out carpeting and avoiding area rugs as they believe that hard flooring is much healthier than carpet, especially for those suffering from allergies.


However, recent scientific research has shown that carpet can actually be just as healthy for allergy sufferers than hard flooring.


As long as your carpets are kept dirt-free and cleaned regularly, there is no reason to avoid having carpet in your home.


The acoustics in your home are better with carpet.

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While tile and wood can make the sound in your home echo and feel harsh, carpet absorbs sound energy and any sound is softened.


By simply adding a stair runner or an area rug to your living area, the sound in your home can sound much better and definitely not as jarring.


Carpet provides a safer floor surface.

When it comes to the safety of your family, carpet is a safer option in the home.


Some people like to avoid area rugs or stair runners because they believe that one can easily trip on the edges. However, this rarely happens and far more accidents and injuries occur when folks slip or slide over hard flooring.


Wood or tile that has just been cleaned or polished can create a slippery surface that could potentially cause someone to fall and sustain an injury.


Carpet, on the other hand, is not slippery at all. Should the worst happen and a person fall over carpet, they will fall on a much softer surface, making the chances of a severed injury much lower.

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Carpet comes in many attractive styles and colors.

Tile or wood flooring comes in a limited range of colors and styles.


With carpet, you have an almost unlimited range of different colors and styles to choose from.


An area rug in cheerful colors and patterns can brighten up even the dullest of rooms.


Modern and contemporary homes are further enhanced with plain and minimalist looking area rugs and stair runners.


Carpet that features intricate patterns does well in homes that are more traditional and ornate.

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As you can see, a good area rug or stair runner can do wonders for any house and help you create a home that is comfortable and relaxing.


Why not browse Direct Carpet’s range of attractive area rugs and stair runners here for inspiration?

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