Should I Put a Carpet Runner On My Stairs for Safety?

putting a stair runner on your stairs for safety reason

Slippery Wood Stairs Can Be an Issue, Here's a Solution!

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Statistics on Slips, Falls and Stair Accidents

Statistic from National Safety Council had the following information relating to accidents, deaths as a result of stairs falls.

  • Over 1 Million injuries occur each year as the result of stairway falls.
  • Staircase and stairway accidents constitute the second leading cause of accidental injury, second only to motor vehicle accidents.
  • Each year, there are 12,000 stairway accident deaths.
  • Total injuries due to falls estimated at $13-14 million per year in U.S. Falls are the number one cause of accidental injury, resulting in 20.8 percent of all emergency room visits in 2019. 
  • Fractures are the most serious consequences of falls and occur in 5% of all people who fall.
  • Half of all accidental deaths in the home are caused by a fall. 
  • Falls account for 87% of all fractures among people over the age of 65 and are the second leading cause of spinal cord injuries and brain injury symptoms.
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These statistics reveal that falls down stairs, staircases, and stairwells are a very real problem in everyday life, both at home and in the workplace.

The rate of stairs fall is at 28.7 percent of falls for pregnant women. This due to reduced vision from carrying additional weight. Pregnant women between the ages of 20-24 visit emergency departments for fall-related injuries at a rate of 4,826 per 100,000.

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The rate of deaths from falls in stairs among persons aged 65 years increased 31% from 2007 to 2020, increasing among men and women. Among states in 2016, rates ranged from 24.4 per 100,000 to 142.7. The fastest-growing rate was among persons aged 85 years (3.9% per year).

Insurance is cheaper for a homeowner who had a well fitted carpet with grip and no damages. Some insurance policies cover accidents that happen on carpeted stairs and damages done on the carpet also. They can pay for some bills in the hospital due to the slip or fall.

How to Add a Stair Runner and What to look for?

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