Stair Runner Designs & Popular Trends.

Stair Runner Carpet Designs & Popular Trends.


 Although it is a beautiful flooring option for the home and staircase, when left bare it can look and feel cold and uninviting.  

The good news is that using a carpet runner over Hardwood Stairs can make a world of difference. 

  Below Keith Shannon, Founder at Direct Carpet  discusses the most popular trends for carpet runners for stairs.

Mohawk Stain Proof Stair runner


 Contrasting staircase carpet runner.

One of the most popular trends at the moment for staircase carpet runners is to select one in a contrasting color to the floor underneath.

 For instance, if you have dark hardwood flooring on your staircase, you could consider selecting a carpet runner in a light color.

 This provides a beautiful and striking contrast to an area in the home that is often overlooked.

 By the same token, if your staircase flooring is light in color, a darker carpet runner will look amazing and has the advantage of not showing up the dirt as much.

Modern Stair Runner Sold by the Foot


Traditional look carpet runner design.

Many homes have a traditional decor style and, if this sounds like you, it’s a great idea to select a carpet runner that is in the same style.

Oriental patterned staircase carpet runners are still used and are considered a classic carpet design to create class, elegance and sophistication in the home.

As of late, people are moving to more modern carpets and stair runners such as carpets that are solid patterns and two toned prints, These Pre-Made contemporary stair runners can be purchased at on-line E-commerce stores such as the great thing about these stair runners they can be installed by yourself or your contractor

Carpet runners in one solid block of neutral colors or two toned prints are also a wonderful choice as it will likely harmonize with your home’s current decor style. - stair runner-by the foot


Striped or Linear Carpet Runners

Striped carpet runners are Very Popular and timeless, this can help a staircase area to look fresh, clean and sophisticated.

Herringbone Stair Runner


Vertical stripes can help the area to look longer and emphasize high ceilings, while horizontal stripes are great for making wide steps look more compact.


Sisal stair runners.

Sisal carpets have been around for many years now and are popular for their coarse and natural-looking fibers.

As a carpet runner for your staircase, sisal is durable and can last you for many years.

Most sisal carpet is tan or camel, but they are also available in other colors. 

Contact your Direct Carpet team member here for more information on our range of sisal staircase carpet runners.



Matching Rooms & Area Rugs with your Staircase Carpet Runner.

Another popular trend at the moment for stair runner carpet designs is to pick one that is the same (or very similar to) your current carpet in the main living space.


With this option, you simply can’t go wrong because it is an extension to your home’s current decor and has the benefit of bringing every style element in your home together.

Home owners and designers often match a staircase runner with a front door mat or a dining room area rug, this completes a modern home and brings the house a feeling of fung shie and flow

matching area rug and stair runner 

Small dash of color.

Do you want to create an impact with your staircase carpet runner, but you're afraid of something that is too over the top?

 In this case, Direct Carpet can recommend a carpet runner in one, solid block of color with a same color pattern.

It creates just enough excitement and uniqueness without being too bold or overpowering. Excellent if you want your home to be a haven of relaxation!

Elegant Mohawk smokescreen stair runner from



As can be seen from the above, there are many options when it comes to popular trends in staircase carpet runners.

Direct Carpet recommends carefully considering each option and thinking about which one you like best, and which option would look best in your home.

If you need some further inspiration around carpet runners for staircases, click here to browse DirectCarpet’s extensive range of carpet runners and products.

 Ordering is incredibly easy and can be done online or by visiting us in store.

Best Stair Runner Designs


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