5 Stair Runners You Can Install Yourself

5 stair runners you can install yourself
  • 5 Stair Runner Carpets You Can Install DIY
  • How to Choose the Best Stair Runner for your House
  • How Wide Should My Stair Runner Be
  • Where to Buy your Stair Runner
  • What Tools You'll need to Install Your Stair Runner
  • Should you Use Underlay Beneath your Stair Runner?
  • How to Install your Stair Runner Step By Step

5 Stair Runners You Can Install Yourself

Here are 5 Great Stair Runners You Can Install Yourself that are Durable, Timeless and Range from Classic Stair Runners to Modern Farmhouse Stair Runners and Come in a Wide Range Of Pricing, Enjoy 

1.Anderson Tuftex Modern Farmhouse Stair Runner, Chase Linen 

From Anderson Tuftex Comes This Wonderful Linear Patterned Stair Runner Called Chase!

This 100% Nylon Stair Runner not only Beautiful & Elegant its also Tough as Nails


Made From High Quality Materials this Stair Runner Boasts and Brags High Quality and Sheer Elegance, But Performs Like a Brute!

There Will Be no Wearing this Stair Runner Carpet out, Fast, Even on Stairs!

And That's a Fact Jack!

Easy to Install with a Little Elbow Grease and the Right Tools You'll Be a Pro In No Time!

2.Boloria Democracy Solid Color Berber Stair Runner 

What Can I Say But the Blue Collared Workhorse of this Lot!

Solid Color Berber Carpet Stair Runner That's Thick and Hearty, Great for Home Renovations and House Selling Flips.

Diy stair runner sold by the foot

Great Thing About this Berber Carpet Runner for Stairs is that It's Not Terribly Expensive, It Looks Amazing and can Make Any Staircase Pop with Style!

This Stair Runner Comes In Long Lengths and has left and right turning landings available for it and is very easy to Install DIY.

3.Anderson Tuftex Plaza Taupe Herringbone Stair Runner

A Pinterest Favorite! People Search High and Low For this Gem, A New Favorite Among the Modern Farmhouse Fanbase, Plaza Taupe Herringbone Stair Runner is Just Divine!

This Runner for Stairs Just Leaps Up and Suays You Have Arrived! Here is a Recent Stair Runner Installation in an 19 Century Victorian Home and this New Modern Farmhouse Stair Runner Fit Right In Like It Belongsherringbone runner for stairs

This Stair Runner Can Be Installed by an Average DIYer, this Tuftex Runner for Stairs Is Very Durable, 100% Nylon & Tough as Nails.

Anderson Tuftex Herringbone Stair Runner Plaza Taupe a Certain Winner for Years to come! 

4.Exquisite Portrait Corinthian Column Stair Runner

One of My Favorite Stair Runner Carpets, This One is Stain-Proof which means its great for kids great for pets and even husbands too LOL!

Seriously, this is What we All Need a Carpet that we can get the stains out of this Carpet is from the Mohawk SmartStrand Line and there's proof out there that it stain proof don't you remember the Elephant Pen laid with white carpet, if not google that :)

This Stair Runner Carpet Is Absolutley Gorgeous and would make any staircase
Super Easy to Install and in the Mid Priced Range! and best yet its Stain Proof

5.Naturel Artistry Smoke Screen Stair Runner

Amazing Amazing Amazing and Did I say Amazing! Well, that's what it is Amazing

This Natural Artistry Stair Runner From Mohawk is Really Soft Really Thick and Its Stain Proof yup, yes sir it really is & you should try it because your gonna love it promise :) Hah LOL 

This Stair Runner is Easy to Install and is Mid to High Range in Price but your feet and your dogs feet are going tom love it!
Stain Proof Did I Say Stain Proof well, yes it is, so it's awesome for kids and dogs and yes husbands too!
Easy to Clean, Easy to Install We Vote Yes!

How to Choose the Best Stair Runner for your House

Are you Planning on Selling your House and Just Want an Inexpensive Stair Runner quick fix?? Or Possibly a Rental Property that needed a little Stair Runner to help with Safety and Insurance Issues?

Runner for stairs

Did you just go through major Renovations and put in a brand new Staircase with beautiful hardwood and now are looking to add  a beautiful stair runner to finish it off?

runner for stairs

These are all Great Questions!

So If you're Selling your Home you can go with an inexpensive stair runner as this will look new and fresh and will make the house pop an show very well and won't break the bank

Most likely the new homeowners will change the Stair Runner it as soon as they move in lol

Now on the Other Hand if you've just renovated your entire house you do not want to cheap out on the stair runner girl that is the diamond necklace, the crown jewel of the Nile

You Need to Buck up and go in style with something Fantastic!

runner for stairs

The Great thing About Expesive Stair Runners is that you don't need that much of it!

So you Can Pick What you Like! And Me Likey Alot!!!

runner for stairs

How Wide Should My Stair Runner Be

This is a question We Get Asked A Lot and there are different schools of thought

Some People Want almost a wall to wall look and others want more of the wood to show, Some homeowners want to hide the crappy parts in the middle and showcase the good wood on the sides and all of this makes perfect sense!

A good Rule of Thumb is no Less than 3 Inches of Wood Showing on Each Side and No More Than Six Inches of Wood on Either Side of your Stair Runner!

Example of 3 Inches on Each Side


Example of 6 inches on each side


Where To Buy These Stair Runners?

In this Day of the Internet you Can Buy Stair Runners Anywhere that Being Said the Best Stair Runner Carpets That I Can Stand Behind is DirectCarpet.com 

The selection at DirectCarpet.com is Fabulous From Herrigbone Patterns to Simple Berbers and the Best thing is they have been Tested by their top Stair Runner Installer on Stairs For years and are truly made with the Homeowner in mind, They Have Wonderful How to Videos To Help you through the Installation Process as well with great customer service, Free Shipping and Free Underpad


What Tools You Will Need to Install Your Stair Runner 

  1. Roberts Knee Kicker
  2. Roberts Electric Staple Gun
  3. Carpet Shears or Sharp Scissors
  4. Tape Measure
  5. Hammer
  6. Tucker or Stair Tool
  7. Utility Knife
  8. Electric Gun Staples

runner for stairs

Now Some of these tools you probably have lying around the house such as a Hammer a Utility Knife a Tape Measure but the others, such as the Electric Staple gun and Kicker you will have to rent from Home Depot or buy them on Amazon

Here is the Amazon Link so you see pricing

Roberts Knee Kicker

Roberts Electric Staple Gun

Electric Gun Staples

Utility Knife

Carpet Tucker


 Should Use Underlay Under your Stair Runner?

We My Opinion is Yes, you should Use under-pad under your Stair Runner

1. Under-Pad Helps the Carpet Wear for a greater deal of time under your Stair Runner, The Longer it Lasts the better this will be,

Remember that Stairs are High Traffic Areas and Need all the help they can get!

So Yes Put Under-pad Under your Stair Runner! moving On


2. Your Poor Feet Will Love you for it! Under-pad Makes your Stair Runner Soft Springy and a Joy to Walk on, and Everyone will Appreciate you for it!

3.Under-pad Will Quiet your Stairs a Little, With the Underpad underneath your stair runner it won't be so loud when you are Creeping up and down in the middle of the night and the people that are trying to sleep will Love you for it :)

4. Under-pad with Actually Stop the Carpet From Slipping Back and Forth on your Stairs which can help and save from injury from slips and falls.

Under-pad Acts like a gripper under that slippery carpet!

How to Install your Stair Runner Step By Step

1. Determine how long of a stair runner you will need!

For instance, if you have 12.5 stairs and an average stair is 19 inches long from riser to tread Multiply 19 x 12.5 divide by 12 this equals 19.79 ft round that off to 20 and your good to go!

how to measure for a stair runner

An example on how to measure for a stair runner

2. How wide should your Stair runner be? 

Well, there lots of heads turning on this epic decision, but our rule of thumb is measure the width of your stairs and show at least 3 inches of stair on each side of your stair runner and no more than 6 inches on either side, this seems to work best in a stair runner placement install.

measure stairs for runner

3 Where to Buy your Stair Runner from?

Answer: DirectCarpet.com. Direct Carpet Has Many Amazing Stair Runners From Herringbone Patterned Stair Runners, Anderson Tuftex, Berber Stair Runners Stain Proof Stair Runners the List Goes on,


DirectCarpet.com also provides Free Shipping and wait for It Free Under-pad

Now Here is the Link to an Amazing DIY Step By Step Video Tutorial on How to Install your Very Own Stair Runner and Here is What Will Be covered




Conclusion: Hopefully This Answers all Of your Questions Regarding Buying and Installing a Stair Runner I am Keith Shannon a Professional Carpet Installer for over 25 years and Owner at DirectCarpet.com



    • Keith Shannon

      Hi Beverly send us a Picture of your stairs to support@directcarpet.com and we can send you all the details on how that can be done :)

    • Beverly

      How do you lay stair runners if there are two turning landings to the right that are fully carpeted with solid carpet and no hardwoods ? The other stairs lower and upper are hardwood underneath.

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