Should I Install a Carpet Runner or Not?

Should I Install a Carpet Runner or Not?


If you’ve been browsing Direct Carpets incredible range of carpet runners, you are probably tempted to buy at least one for your home. However, you may be wondering if a carpet runner is the best solution for your home.

This article will discuss the many benefits of installing a carpet runner in your home,


Carpet runners provide a safe flooring surface for wood or tile staircases.

Many homes have wood or tile staircases, which are not the safest surfaces for stairs and they can be a tripping or falling hazard if a liquid or another object is left on the stairs.


Installing a carpet runner on your staircase is an excellent idea because not only does it make footsteps on the staircase sound softer and quieter, but it is also safer for the stair users.



If you have kids, you probably already know that they often run up and down the stairs instead of walking in a safe way. With a carpet runner on the stairs, should the worst happen and they fall, the surface will be softer and can help prevent injury.


They can be used in high traffic areas to preserve your current carpet or flooring.

Busy households have high-traffic areas on the stairs, entrance hall and in the main living areas.


The flooring in these areas can get worn down and damaged by constant use and a carpet runner is perfect for helping to preserve the flooring underneath.


Carpet runners make flooring safe for kids and the elderly.

Just like a wood or tile staircase, flooring made from the same material can be a trip or fall hazard for the elderly, kids or vulnerable adults.


It is quite easy to slip on hard flooring, especially if it has just been polished or cleaned.


Despite what many people think, carpet runners are definitely not trip hazards and sit flush against the floor and are Secured into the staircase.


Research has shown that in Canada alone, most accidents and falls due to tripping occur on the hard floor, and not carpet.


They enhance the look of your home beautifully.

In addition to the practicality that they provide, carpet runners are also beautiful and can enhance any home’s living space.


By browsing Direct Carpets range of exquisite carpet runners, you will notice that they come in a wide variety of colors, styles and patterns.


This means that there is a carpet runner to suit your home, regardless of its style or look.


Whether your home is traditional, contemporary, quirky or classic, choosing a carpet runner can make it feel cozier, more livable and, of course, safer.


Carpet runners are easy to clean.

Since they can easily be removed, it is simple to clean a carpet runner. You can clean it in your home with a professional carpet cleaner, or you could remove it and bring it in to your favorite carpet cleaning service.



So, do you feel ready to take a bold leap and take the look of your home to the next level?


If so, don’t delay! Click here to take a look at Direct Carpets range of lovely carpet runners and find the runner of your dreams.


If you have an elderly parent or vulnerable friend, they also make great gifts as they show you care about their wellbeing.


Still not sure which carpet runner would suit your home? Why not visit us in store, or send us a message here with your questions? Our team has years of experience in the carpet industry and can provide you with professional advice for all your carpet needs.


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