Stair Runner, Carpet Runners, Stair Treads!

Stair Runner, Carpet Runners, Stair Treads, and a Custom Staircase!

Today we are talking about carpet, carpet runners, stair treads, and staircases in general and all the different ways to install carpet on them what kind of carpet to put on them and why carpet on stairs may be the safest move for your family.

People have been putting pattern carpets on their stairs for hundreds of years if you think about royalty, and then all through the 1900 hundreds in town homes and then urban homes.


Since the turn of the century, millennium, Stair Runners have become all the rage, people are opting out of full staircase carpet sanding down staining, and even painting their stair treads their stair railings and even their stairs,

Designers have led the way in this modern renaissance in staircase runner design, from geometric patterns and canvas edgings to Modern Farmhouse feel and look.

Modern Stair Runners

There are many new companies that have realized that old-school multi-colored Berbers and cheap sculptured patterns from the 80,s are a thing of the past and that new on-trend stair carpets and staircase runners should be of great quality look and feel.

Carpet runners are now the Focal point and eye candy for a modern home in 2022 and beyond, they not only give a modern updated home a classy, sleek look they also also can provide warmth and comfort to a new age home but also provide a safety factor as well.


Let's face it wooden stairs can be slippery and dangerous, so a nice new modern runner or treads-only installation is just what the doctor ordered.

Stair Tread Only!

Stair Tread Only no riser? Yes, that seems to be on trend, and with the new Style, People Generally, notice when only the step or (tread) Is Covered, and then they are curious about the process.

Not as Busy as a normal runner, and different from wall to wall carpet, stair treads are cool, Stairs such as these with herringbone patterns create Pizaazz Flash & eye candy!

stair tread only rug covering 

The Herringbone Stair Runners that People Seemed to Like the most were From Anderson Tuftex, These are Just a Few of the Favorites, But Trust Me there is more and in cool Colors to Choose from, check out these herringbone runners at

Carpet Runners on stairs for safety

Wood stairs are slippery and falls do occur so why not do a little better for you, your family, your pets, your feet, and the stairs a favor and add a custom staircase runner? Now, instead of a slip and slide, you have a nice safe place to walk, and you will feel the difference, and we highly recommend it! Check out these stats

carpet runner for safety

How to Install a Carpet Runner yourself

Stairs and Runners can be installed by professionals or they can be installed by the DIYer.

There are many videos on YouTube showing how to install a runner on the stairs, and it's not that hard

installing a carpet runner on a staircase yourself

With the right tools, you can rent from any tool rental place and the how-to videos you can save yourself money doing yourself, and the sense of pride you will feel will be amazing, maybe even a new career, here is a YouTube video that will help you with your runner installation

How to Measure for a Stair Runner

Measuring for your runner is just part of the fun, how wide should it be and what length it should be, well here are a few tips and tricks on how we like to do this.

First things first how long should my stair runner be? Well, you can measure one stair and then multiply what you got, and here is how to do that.

how to measure for a custom staircase runner

Start with your tape measure going from one riser all the way over the tread under the nose of the stairs, then down the riser to the next tread usually, that's around 19 inches, let's say you have 12.5 stairs multiply 12.5 x 19 divided by 12 = rounded up 20ft so you're safe to go with 20 ft but we at direct carpet always like a little extra so I would go with 21 to 22 ft

Here is a Great Video so you can really see how this is done. How to Measure for a Stair Runner

Where to Buy a Stair Runner

The best place to Find a runner for your stairs and come highly recommended is Hands down they have a great selection of Modern and classic rugs in many designs, patterns, and styles for your Home from Shaw, Mohawk, and Anderson Tuftex!

These rugs are tried and true and have been tested over time to stand up under foot traffic,

where to buy a stair runner for wooden stairs

Direct Carpet sells these runners by the foot and in long lengths so that your installation will be seamless and best yet you can shop runners 24 hours per day

How to Choose a Staircase Runner

Choosing a runner can be difficult, with so many choices out there.

The first thing I would do is make sure the carpet runner pattern that you're looking at has a good wearing warranty that goes with it and not some cheap knockoff from overseas.

customize stair runner with binding edge installed with pad

Nylon is always good and if you are worried about dirt, pets, husbands, and kids well Exquisite portrait is everyone's favorite style runner being that it's Stain Proof!

Matching Area Rugs with your Stair Runner

Spruce up your house with a Matching Area rug for your bedroom, living room, or the front hall of your house with your stair runner is easy as apple pie. when you shop and purchase your runner you can usually grab a Matching Area rug at checkout

What Tools Do I need if I want to Install My Own Carpet Runner?

stair runner tools

  1. Knee kicker

  2. Electric staple gun

  3. Carpet tucker or stair tool

  4. Sharp scissors

  5. knife

  6. Hammer

  7. Staples

  8. tape measure

Herringbone Pattern hallway & Style Inspiration

Herringbone Style has taken off in the last ten years and shows no sign of slowing down

Style pattern and design all come into play here, With Herringbone you don't need to match to your floor or house everything needs to match around it!

It in itself is beautiful and elegant in any style, We love it so very much and it's our most requested runner of the last few years

herringbone style carpet

How Much Space Allowance should a Stair Runner have on each side

Stair runner space allowance on each side differs from person to person, we believe that 3 to 5 inches from the carpet runner to the wall on each side is perfect, when you get under 3 inches it starts to become noticeable if the stairs are not straight and the stair runner is, so 3 inches and more is suffice how to measure a stair runner

how to measure for a stair runner sides

How to Install and Deal with a Turning Stair Runner Staircase

Turning staircase runners can be tricky to install, but if you get a special custom pre-made piece for your stairs it should fit in nicely with some manipulation.

turning stairs

Certain carpet Stores and online places have these premade pieces of carpet to fit almost any stair check out your local store or shop online to see what designs are have in stock, this will give you a better idea as to what is out there.

Can you Buy Stair Runners And Carpet Runners by the Foot?

If you're thinking about a runner you're also thinking where can I buy a stair runner, you've been around to the big box stores and lets face it pretty crappy, the ones from overseas not so much

Let me tell you, there are some wonderful companies out there providing beautiful full length long runners up to 40 feet, you can shop and buy from the web site in any length any width and in any pattern price & blend that makes you happy! Choose your texture, choose your colors, choose your design!

this is a sign of the times, shopping online helps bring your ideas to life

carpet store online


Cleaning Your New Stair Runner

The following are the steps that will help you clean your stair runner properly

  1. Vacuum -The next step is to vacuum. You may vacuum your stair runners every day, but you cannot clean them properly only with a vacuum. After you brush the carpet, the remaining dust and debris will easily get vacuumed.

  2. Sprinkle Some Powder To Kill Any Odor-If you think that all these above cleaning steps caused some bad odor, you can take some powder or any pleasant smelling spray for the stair runner.

  3. Steam The Carpet- Steaming the carpet will help in making your stair runner as new as ever. You will likely feel the difference and it will help bring back the original color and texture of the carpet.

    how to vacuum properly 

There are many ways that you can clean your carpet. It all depends on your budget and the cleaning things available at your home. You can clean your stair runner in the following ways:

  • By hand

  • By Vacuum

  • By Cleaning Machine

    How Often Should The Stair Runner Be Cleaned?

    It all depends on how much you use your stairs and the number of people that live in your house. It is recommended that you vacuum the stair runners every day and thoroughly clean them once a week. You can alternate the weeks of brushing only by vacuuming and the other for scrubbing with a detergent.

  • Conclusion: Stair Carpets, Carpet runners, and Stair Treads are great for any home and sometimes much needed for safety, comfort, and warmth, We Highly recommend you do your homework and find out which is best for you and your family, we have put up some great links in this post to make this as easy as possible for you!



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