What To Look For When Buying Stair Runners On A Budget

Carpet Runners

When was the last time you walked down the stairs without fearing a fall? If you can’t remember then it is time you get yourself a stair runner.

stain resistant stair runner from www.directcarpet.com

Exquisite Portrait Corinthian Column

Stair runners are a great tool against noise, give extra protection to your wooden stairs, make them less slippery, and reduce the impact of falls.

Custom Runner

A remarkable place I came across in my search for the best place to buy stair runners is Direct Carpet. The site allows you to create your fabulous stair runner, and have a wide selection

custom made stair runner from directcarpet.com

They have the best designs and the most cooperative crew and even provide free shipping for orders over $250.

I got my stair runner from here and would recommend it to you as well, great quality & they have different lengths and widths to match your style of staircase.

But before you head out anywhere to buy your stair runner, please go through my little guide to know what to look for when buying stair runners. this includes the best material for stairs

top 25 stair runners for 2023

25 best stair runners for 2023

Do You Need A Carpet Runner?

Before you go ahead and splurge on a Carpet runner, you need to determine if you need one. But how to do that?

Simple. You need to tick off the following boxes. Do you have new stairs? If the answer is yes, you need a stair runner lol.

Even if you do not have new stairs, but harbor a wooden staircase, stair runners are essential.

how wide and how long should your stair runner be?

The only time when these will be a waste is when you have the barefoot rule in your house. Where there are no shoes, there will be no scuff marks. So, either you ban shoes indoors or simply get a stair runner.

Do you have fragile bones or are usually clumsy? Again, if the answer is yes, you need a stair runner. Why? Because when you rush over wooden stairs, especially newly polished ones, there is a higher chance that you will fall.

Maybe break a bone or two (but that's the worst-case scenario, don't worry). Do you like a calm and serene environment? Yes?

Modern nylon carpet runner for stairs

Rustique Vibe Off White Nylon Stair Runner

A stair runner mutes the sound that your little ones make when they run up and down the stairs. This means you can finally read your book or watch your television program in peace.

Lastly, do you like well-maintained and organized houses?

A stair runner gives your house, the kind of look and aura that you never thought it could. So, if you’re ready to style up your house a bit, get your hands on a stair runner now!

Step 1: Determine The Size Of Your Stair Runner

The size of your stair runner typically depends on the size of your stairs.

The wider your stairs are, the wider the runner will be. But note! You always need to leave a few inches to the sides when placing a stair runner.

It’s like a rule in the stair runner's handbook. 

calculating the length of your stair runner carpet

When going for wider staircases, you can leave as much as 7 inches to the side to make the stairs look elegant.

With smaller staircases, you can leave 3 inches.

The ideal space to be left on each side is 4 inches.

Once you’re done with your measurements, it is time to go ahead and choose whichever stair runner fits the best!

measuring the length of your stair runner


Which Material To Go For?

Next, and most importantly, you need to be cautious about the material of your stair runner.

A good stair runner can either make or break your staircase’s look and your bank account.

stair runner made from nylon

Stair runners are not the cheapest things to buy so you need to make sure you’re getting the right material that will last you for years.

The best materials to go for are wool and synthetic materials. Both of them are soft, easy to walk on, and super durable.

However, wool is quite expensive. It does give the most royal feel and is by far the softest, but it comes with a huge price tag.

stair runners that are good for dogs

If you do not have such a big budget, you can always opt for synthetic, which gives the same feel, is available in a lot of patterns and designs, and is much cheaper as well for your stairs.

The worst material to go for is natural fibers. Since they are easy to obtain, they do not cost much, they're the cheapest. But they stain easily and are not that durable.

The short life span and rough feel make them the worst choice for a stair runner.

Another alternative that works for most people and does last longer is a mix of wool and synthetic materials for your staircase runners

wool stair runners vs synthetic stair runners

They are cheaper than synthetic but give a good soft feel.

A Fancy Runner Or Modest One?

Next question, do you need to opt for a fancy colorful stair runner or go for a dull boring one?

Well, I cannot answer this. The staircase runner you end up choosing depends on two key factors. Your persona and your house's persona.

modern farmhouse stair runners

Both of these are essential when it comes to choosing a stair runner. 

If you’re a serene person, and so is your house, go for an elegant monotone one.

If you emit warmth, just like your house, choose a warm, or maybe a patterned stair runner. Just go for whichever makes you feel happier!

Beware the dust bunnies though!

I forgot to mention this beforehand, but if you go for white or such light colors, you will have to continuously wash and clean them.

Feet marks and dust will be easily visible through such light colors.

If you’re fond of cleaning and vacuuming regularly, you can go for a light color.

Staircase Runners, Carpet Style, Quality & Overall Look

Geometric Patterns

A fantastic way to add Style to your staircase and a great option to for carpet runners.

A rug with a pattern has a style and looks fabulous, the advantage of pattern or geometric style rug carpet on your staircase is that if you have an old or traditional staircase, maybe the treads and risers are original and have never been finished,

modern geometric style stair runner rug

Geometric Styled Stair Runner

Geometric Pattern Staircase rugs and carpet runners put the focus on the carpet on the stairs and not the treads and risers as a whole.

Basement Stairs

You don't have to spend a lot of money on basement stairs you can save money and cover your stairs with a fantastic stair runner such as a Berber carpet runner,

affordable basement carpet runner on stairs

Windsor Gray Berber stair runner


basement stair runner 

Anderson Tuftex Nylon Stair Runners

Final Word on Runners, Carpet & Stairs

Stair runners are essential in every home these days. They keep your house well-maintained, keep you safe, and give you a noise-free environment.

They are also a good investment if you want to protect your new stairs or polish your old ones.

Lastly, be sure to check off all these pointers before you ahead and buy a stair runner.

Also, be sure to check out all the places that let you customize your stair runner to add a little of your touch!

I hope you find the runner of your dreams now!


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