You Can Have the Shining Carpet for Your Own Home.

 The Shining Movie Carpet for Your Own Home.

"The Shining" Movie Carpet


Interior designer, David Hicks created the iconic carpet pattern that became world famous in the popular movie, The Shining.


The carpet was seen in the Overlook Hotel and soon made headlines as a must-have item for every home.


Since then, fans have desperately tried to emulate this design and get their hands on their own carpet with a similar pattern.


It featured hexagonal shapes in a range of sizes and colors, making it contemporary and perfect for main living areas.


The main colors in this carpet are brown, orange and red. However, other color combinations are available and you should check with Direct Carpet for availability.


If you are interested in a similar design for your own home, why not consider incorporating it via a beautiful carpet runner for your stairs or an area rug?

 the Shining Carpet

Get your very own “The Shining” carpet from Direct Carpet.

Direct Carpet is proud to stock this popular carpet style as either a carpet runner or an area rug.


Our “The Shining” carpets are made from high quality and luxury carpet wool pile. This gives them longevity and a soft, rich look and feel.


Browse our selection here and decide which carpet would look best in your own home.


What size “The Shining” carpet should I buy?

The size of the carpet you buy will depend on your home’s needs.


If you are looking for an area rug purely for decorative purposes, then a small area rug may be a good option.


Home owners that wish to cover up stains and general wear and tear on their current fitted carpet would do well to purchase a larger size area rug this can cover a multitude of sins and bring new life to old and uninspiring fitted carpet.


If you are looking to liven up your staircase, hallway or passage area, then a carpet runner in this design will look great. This style is bright, cheerful and energizing and it is very effective at creating excitement in a dull and boring space.


Will The Shining carpet match my current decor?

It all depends. If your home’s interior design style consists of colors that will clash with this carpet’s design, then we do not recommend it as the first choice.


When it comes to choosing carpet for your home, it is important to think about how well it will blend in with the current furniture and paint colors in your home.


This design of carpet, for instance, is contemporary and can work wonders in a home that is already styled in a modern decor theme.


In addition, traditionally styled homes can be given a new lease of life with the introduction of The Shining carpet.


Here at Direct Carpet, we always advise our customers not to make a rash purchase. We believe that it is always better to take one’s time with a carpet purchase and to think about what your home’s needs are in terms of carpet.



Even though it has been many years since The Shining first became popular, it is still a highly sought-after carpet today.


If you are looking for a key piece to energize your home’s current decor, this should definitely be a consideration.


Not sure if this style is right for you? Direct Carpet would be delighted to assist you in your carpet journey!


We have many years in the carpet business and have a sixth sense for what will work and what will not look good in the home.

Contact us here for more information on your range of beautiful area rugs and carpet runners and we will get back to you as soon as possible.



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    Hi, I’m thinking about having the “ shinning carpet “ on my stairs and landing . Can you offer advice

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